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WP Engine alternative: What about Kinsta?

In case you’re searching for a WP Engine elective, look no more remote than Kinsta. They’re powered solely by Google Cloud Platform and offer a one of a kind way to deal with oversaw WordPress facilitating that they guarantee you’ve never observed.

Kinsta is worked for performance and scalability

From the very first moment Kinsta was worked for execution and scaling with the goal that your WordPress destinations would remain internet amid movement surges. Their facilitating stage doesn’t fall into any of the customary facilitating classes. Their whole foundation is based on the Google Cloud Platform and is altogether different from conventional shared, VPS, or committed framework.

Kinsta uses LXD oversaw has and arranged LXC programming compartments for each site. This means each WordPress site is housed in it’s own secluded holder, which has the majority of the product assets required to run it (Linux, Nginx, PHP, MySQL). The assets are 100% private and are not shared between any other person or even your own destinations. They don’t offer shared facilitating.

When you come to Kinsta you get a similar center framework whether you’re on a Starter design or Enterprise design. It makes overhauling and downsizing their design consistent and effortless. Then again, when you require more server control at WP Engine you may need to move from a common domain to a VPS, at that point to a committed server or over to cloud facilitating, with site relocations required at each progression en route.

Their auto-scaling framework is prepared to deal with their sudden surges in rush hour gridlock and load. With their disengaged programming holder innovation, equipment resources are assigned to each site compartment naturally by their virtual machines on an as-required premise. The outcome is a facilitating arrangement that is secure and private by outline while all the while permitting server resources to scale up or down as required in light of the requests of the site.

Optimized for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Kinsta’s platform is also optimized for ecommerce sites which can be very demanding and generate a lot of cache-bypassing dynamic page loads. They help clients using WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads on a daily basis increase the speed of their online stores. A few examples include:

  • Fast server-level page caching in place with rules to ensure proper WooCommerce and EDD functionality.
  • By default, certain pages that should never be cached, such as cart, my-account, and checkout, are excluded from caching.
  • Users automatically bypass the cache when the “woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie” or “edd_items_in_cart” are detected to ensure a smooth and in-sync checkout process.

Kinsta had essentially perfect LoadStorm and Blitz tests. They also had no flaws in any other tests. I’m at a loss for words to praise their performance.

Unfortunately, WP Engine was the only company in this tier [Enterprise] not to do well. They struggled in both load tests. LoadStorm looked like it may have been security related, but Blitz looked like it really had trouble with the load. I believe the plan I tested cost $600/month, but the sales team wasn’t willing to give me specific pricing for their enterprise tier.

Kinsta is developer-friendly

Many of us at Kinsta are developers themselves, that’s why from day one they’ve built their tools and dashboard with WordPress developers in mind. They provide the following features and accessibility to make your workflow more efficient, not all of which are available at WP Engine:

  • SSH access and Git on Business 1 and higher plans.
  • They allow you to use custom setups like Bedrock and Trellis, as well as starter themes such as Sage.
  • They have one-click staging environments which allow you to easily push changes from staging to production as well as a site cloning feature.
  • They allow you to run a different version of PHP for each live site and staging site and switching between PHP engines takes just one-click.
  • You can restore automatic backups to production as well as staging.
  • They leave post and page revisions enabled by default. While they recommend limiting or disabling these, they believe this should be your choice.
  • Loading your site over a reverse proxy is possible, and they have many clients who do so.
  • Faster search with the Elasticsearch add-on and faster database performance with the Redis add-on.

Feature comparison overview

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between Kinsta and WP Engine.

As of March 1, 2018 WP Engine’s re-structured plans fall into five primary tiers: Personal at $35/month for one site, Growth at $115/month for 5 sites, Scale at $290/month for 15 sites, and then higher premium and enterprise plans. They no longer offer lower tier plans in-between.

Kinsta offers eight different tiers at $30/month, $60/month, $100/month, and more all the way up into their Enterprise plans. Kinsta also offer additional custom solutions for those that demand even more.

WP Engine has both a total visits and bandwidth limit in place across all of their plans. If you exceed either of these you are charged an overage fee or are required to upgrade to a higher plan. Kinsta’s plans are only limited by total visits. Of course, like any host, Kinsta do have acceptable use policies in place, but there is no hard bandwidth limit.

It’s also important to note that overage charges at Kinsta are billed at $1 for every 1,000 visits over your plan’s limit, while overage charges at WP Engine are $2 for every additional 1,000 visits.

Free migrations

Except the Starter plan, all of Kinsta plans include one or more free migrations. WP Engine doesn’t offer free migrations but rather includes a do-it-yourself plugin. For larger and more complex sites this can easily result in data loss or fail entirely if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Unless you’re a developer with time to burn, it’s much safer to let Kinsta expert migration team take care of everything for you. Moving your site to Kinsta usually won’t incur any downtime and they’ll help you inspect your migrated site prior to going live.

Expert Support

They don’t have level 1 or level 2 support reps. Kinsta entire support team is made up of WordPress developers and Linux hosting engineers many of whom have managed their own servers, created themes and plugins, and contributed back to core. This ensures you’ll receive expert advice from someone who actively uses and develops with WordPress. In fact, they hire less than 1% of applicants who apply. You won’t find better support anywhere else!

Kinsta also monitors your sites’ uptime every minute which means that their slowest response time is 60 seconds to any downtime that may occur. Their staff is alerted instantly and quite often they start resolving the issue before you even contact them.

Kinsta has a global presence

Kinsta is exclusively powered by the Google Cloud Platform and offers 15+ data centers around the globe. At Kinsta all data centers are available across all plans, starting from as low as $30/mo! You can also choose a different data center of each of your sites. Current locations:

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
  • London, UK
  • Sydney, Australia
  • St. Ghislain, Belgium
  • Changhua County, Taiwan
  • Mumbai, India
  • The Dalles, Oregon, USA
  • Ashburn, Virginia, USA
  • Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Jurong West, Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Montréal, Canada
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands

WP Engine offers three data centers by default and three additional international locations available for a monthly fee. For example, if you choose WP Engine’s Scale plan, the base cost is $290/month (As of March 1, 2018). If you wanted to host your site outside of their standard 3 locations, say in Germany or the UK, it would be an additional $70/month. Their Australia data center is an additional $100/month. Depending upon which plan you choose this can add up to a 40% increase in your monthly price. Providers also vary based on what plan you choose.

Everything at Kinsta is interconnected over the highly reliable Google Cloud Platform premium tier network. This is designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in faster and more secure global transport of your data. Beware, some hosting providers might opt for Google’s “standard tier” network service without telling you to cut costs, but they believe in only utilizing the best here at Kinsta.

Turbocharging your content delivery

Kinsta cares about the performance of your site, not just from their data center, but at every point around the globe. That’s why they partnered up with KeyCDN, an HTTP/2 content delivery network (CDN), and include free bandwidth across all of their plans.

KeyCDN’s content delivery architecture was built from the ground up with a focus on high-performance and designed for high throughput and low latency. When enabled, your content will be delivered and cached from their 29+ POPs around the globe, this includes all regions: America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia!

WP Engine currently uses MaxCDN as their CDN provider and it only has 19 locations. Some regions aren’t included.

Their CDN also automatically helps protect against bad bots as well as checks all the boxes when it comes to industry standards such as GZIP and HPACK compression.

MyKinsta – A dashboard that’s better than the competition

They weren’t satisfied with any of the existing control panel solutions on the market, so they built their own from the ground up specifically for WordPress website management.


In addition to everyday features which can be found in both their dashboard and at WP Engine, here are a few features unique to MyKinsta:

  • Easily switch between HHVM and multiple PHP engines (they offer PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, and 7.2) without having to ask support.
  • Use their search and replace tool to make bulk updates on your site – for example, change HTTP URLs to HTTPS or update old shortcodes.
  • Detailed analytics including bandwidth and visitor data, cache HIT and MISS ratio, and performance analysis data.
  • MyKinsta is available in both English and Spanish!

Many MyKinsta features have come directly from their client’s feedback. They actively listen to all requests, and if something can help make everyone’s lives easier and more productive, you can count on them looking into it.